Dry Valley Dairy

September 12, 2014 0
By Jessica Bartel, editor In today’s society it has become more important for the agriculture industry to educate its consumers. The head of the household, mother, makes the decisions on what her family eats and […]

The invention that changed the West

September 10, 2014 0
By Jessica Bartel, editor There are many collectors in the world who value such items as marbles, stamps, coins, baseball cards, trinkets, even shoes. Each separate item holds a numerical value as well as value […]

The dog days of summer

August 20, 2014 0
By contributing writer Rayford Pullen If these are the dog days of summer, bring it on. Around our place, we have had good rains and mild temperatures, something not usually associated with Texas summers. While […]

Sweet Corn

July 14, 2014 0
By staff writer Jessica Bartel Even for those who don’t care for vegetables, one that most like is sweet corn. Its crunchy, sweet consistency offers family meals, back yard barbeques and Sunday swim parties a […]
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