Meanwhile back at the ranch…

June 26, 2018 0
By Rayford Pullen Summer has arrived, and with it comes a rapid decline in forage quality, milk production, breed back and overall lower gains for both calves and mature animals. Getting females to breed this […]

[AgriLife Today] Texas Crop and Weather Report for June 21

June 21, 2018 0
By: Adam Russell Consumers should find good prices, options for Fourth of July grilling Writer: Adam Russell, 903-834-6191, Contact: Dr. David Anderson, 979-845-4351, Bill Thompson, 325-653-4576, COLLEGE STATION – Consumers should find good prices and grilling […]

Ag Elsewhere: Montana

May 30, 2018 0
Photo and Description by Jean Stimpson  “June 25, 1876 was an extremely hot day for southern Montana,” said Montana native Jean Stimpson. “George Armstrong Custer and the seventh Cavalry rode into what the Indians called […]

Ranching Down Under

May 28, 2018 0
By Samantha Hall  Between 17 and 21 million years ago, erupting volcanoes created the Nandewar Ranges and the magnificent Mount Kaputar, which became home to the Kamilaroi people (pronounced GA-MIL-A-ROY). Scar trees on the Wee […]
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