Ag Elsewhere: Montana

May 14, 2019 0
Photo, description by Lindsey Monk A two-year-old with her new heifer calf. The cotyledons are visible with the way the sun was setting.

Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch

May 10, 2019 0
By Rayford Pullen The lady at the local newspaper office took the ad for “cattle for sale,” and with a bewildered look on her face asked the other ladies working there if they had ever […]

Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch

April 14, 2019 0
By Rayford Pullen I’ve always liked the saying “It’s ok to be in a rut if you are headed in the right direction,” and it seems that sometimes we’re in that rut but cannot figure […]

I can’t be that old

April 7, 2019 0
By Pepper Stewart Many years ago when the computer first landed in school classrooms, I made a comment that has come back to haunt me, “Why do I need to learn that? What good will […]

Loropetaum will make you a daydream believer

April 5, 2019 0
By Norman Winter Purple Daydream will capture your heart and probably make you forget all other varieties of loropetalum. I’m growing it with October Magic orchid camellias, Autumn Jewel azaleas and Gold Mound chamaecyapris, and […]
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