Cotton in Crisis

January 9, 2019 0
By Judy Wade According to the National Cotton Council, in 2017 Texas farmers planted 6,900,000 acres of cotton and harvested 5,500,000 acres yielding 9,270,000 bales. If two north central Clay County farmers are any indication, […]

Meanwhile back at the ranch

January 6, 2019 0
By Rayford Pullen If you’re ready for 2018 to become a memory, raise your hand. What a wreck for those of us who are at the mercy of the weather and markets to make a […]

Ag Elsewhere: Montana

January 5, 2019 0
By Jean Stimpson Solitude for the Soul: “The sunsets in Montana are ‘‘take your breath away beautiful,’’ Montana native and rancher Jean Stimpson described this photo. “No picture can do it justice, but what your eyes […]

Ag Elsewhere: Ghana, Africa

January 4, 2019 0
Photos and description by Tiffany Thompson My four months in Ghana were filled with so much. It’s been four months of excitement, joy and laughter. Four months of frustration, nervousness and challenges. Four months of […]

Ag Elsewhere: California

January 2, 2019 0
Photo and story by Lainey Smith When I sat down with the editor of NTFR, we discussed several topics to start a new year of exploration into California Agriculture.Originally, this article would cover how farmers and […]

AG Elsewhere – Africa

December 2, 2018 0
By Tiffany Thompson On the first Friday of every December, farmers and leaders in the agriculture industry throughout Ghana gather to celebrate Farmers’ Day. This national holiday, dating back to 1985, recognizes the hard work […]

AG Elsewhere : Montana

November 30, 2018 0
Photo and Description by Jean Stimpson Montana rancher Jean Stimpson described this shot, “This is my daughter and her youngest daughter out sorting pairs to get ready for shipping. The youngest granddaughter is two years […]
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