Foal Diarrhea – What is the cause?

June 9, 2017 0
By Dr. Lauren Lamb Your broodmare is due to foal any day. You have spent countless hours searching the internet for information regarding newborn foals (medical care, handling, etc.).  Finally, the foal arrives and the […]

Hastag: Winning

June 7, 2017 0
By Corsi Crumpler The National Cutting Horse Association hosts three major events throughout the calendar year. If you have read any of my past articles, you’ll know that these three events make up what is […]

Rodeo Returns To NCTC

May 14, 2017 0
By Janis Blackwell With the opening of the 2016-17 school year at North Central Texas College in Gainesville came the return of a program long absent, that of the college rodeo team. In the ‘80s […]

Angular Limb Deformity in the Foal

May 12, 2017 0
By Lauren Lamb, DVM Every year thousands of foals are born in the United States. Most of these foals are bred and raised to have a job (racehorse, show horse, ranch horse, etc.). Good limb […]

The Vanner Vision

May 10, 2017 0
By Krista Lucas Strong, intelligent, docile, athletic and colorful describe a relatively new caravan breed of equine. The Gypsy Vanner may be a lesser-known breed, but its beauty and style leave a lasting impression on […]

Stallion Auction For Fire Victims

May 8, 2017 0
By Corsi Crumpler If you picked up last month’s issue of NTFR, perhaps you took a peek at the article written about Lowrance Performance Horses. However, if you missed the article, you may have noticed […]

Capturing the Action

April 12, 2017 0
By Janis Blackwell Growing up in Graham, Texas, Todd Brewer had what would be considered a normal childhood. He completed all his school years there, showed 4-H animals, had a part time job and pretty […]

Equine Strangles, Why all the pus?

April 10, 2017 0
By Dr. Lauren Lamb Strangles, which is caused by Streptococcus equi ssp equi (S. equi) bacteria, is a disease commonly seen in horses. This bacterial infection frequently affects the upper respiratory tract, but can affect […]

From Srubs to Spurs

April 8, 2017 0
By Corsi Crumpler When it comes to caring for others, it takes more than a syringe and medication to get the job done. Caring for another human requires compassion, willpower, selflessness, and an overall desire […]

Small But Mighty

April 6, 2017 0
By Krista Lucas Horses come in all different shapes and sizes. Sometimes, large personalities come in small packages. There are many breeds of ponies – a horse under 14 hands tall – that can make […]
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