No tick is a good tick

December 28, 2014 0
By Martin Aldridge On October 2, 2009, the state of equines in Texas suffered a profound change. A mare in south Texas was the first to test positive for a disease that the United States […]

Rodeo royalty

December 27, 2014 0
By Krista Lucas It takes many individuals to make the sport of rodeo run smoothly. There are stock contractors, committees and sponsors, to name a few, all of whom were involved in the 58th annual […]

Tie ’em tight in San Angelo

December 8, 2014 0
By Krista Lucas The arrival of fall brings cooler weather, shorter days and the end of another rodeo season for professional cowboys and cowgirls. Many return home to rest after being on the road for […]

Winter care for the horse

December 8, 2014 0
By Dr. Molly Bellefeuille, DVM, MS With summer gone and winter here, falling temperatures, wind and wet conditions put a huge demand on the horse’s body for heat production. As with all warm-blooded animals, horses […]

A bit for every horse

September 13, 2014 0
By contributing writer Krista Lucas Imagine a horse running out of control in an arena in front of hundreds of people. Is the horse scared, hurt or just plain crazy? It could be that the […]
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