Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch

By Rayford Pullen |

Spring is definitely in the air and what a welcome sight it will be when green grass returns. It seems, as I age, winters last longer and are colder. While this is probably not the case, winters seem to roll around pretty quickly every year and my feed costs continue to go up.

March is when we want the last of our spring calves born each year so they are old enough to take advantage of their momma’s abundant milk and the best 120 days of pastures we normally see each year. Spring is also when we want to get the mommas rebred during this super forage time while also realizing that a cow’s mineral requirement is probably at its peak just prior to calving and for the next 60 to 90 days until she’s rebred. What is a good mineral? While it may depend on your area of the country, for us, it is a good, balanced mineral; i.e., calcium, phosphorous, loose, and feed free choice. A trace mineral salt block is not a good, complete mineral. Your local feed supplier can probably help you make the right decision for your part of the word. Most, if not all feed companies, have a high-quality product available.

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