Little Red Flags

By Savannah Magoteaux

Timed-event horses, especially those who compete regularly and in different events, are prone to develop problems or issues associated with competition.

If caught early, we can prevent small mishaps from developing into all-out wars. Because we work to be in tune with our horses, we can quickly detect a potential problem if we know what to look for. Because everything is important, this will include almost every aspect of his day-to-day life. In fact, paying attention to his behavior and attitude at home can warn you of problems that could be looming at shows.

Out of the Saddle

You may wonder why we would be concerned about our horse’s behavior when he is not being ridden. Simply think about yourself – If you are having a hard time at work, do the feelings of fatigue or stress go away simply because you aren’t there? Chances are they probably don’t. It’s the same way with your horse.

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