Grazing North Texas

Prescribed Fire? On My Ranch? – Part 1

By Tony Dean |

I attended a meeting recently in Wichita Falls which involved about 20 ranchers, most of them well established in the ranching business. Part of the discussion that day involved fire. Out of curiosity, I asked for a show of hands on who had used prescribed fire as a management tool at their ranch. Only two out of the 20 indicated they had.

If you’ve been ranching in north Texas very long, you have probably had to deal with fire, but not with a prescribed fire. Wildfire is one of the most dangerous and frightening threats we face. It can seemingly come out of nowhere and be on the ranch in a matter of minutes.

Wildfire can result in loss of grass, fences, equipment, outbuildings, and livestock. In a worst-case scenario, on a hot day with high winds and low humidity, wildfire can travel extremely fast across the land and is almost impossible to control. In the blink of an eye, wildfire can consume a house, a herd of cattle, take human lives, and never slow down.

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