Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch…

By Rayford Pullen

February is normally the toughest month of the year for cattle producers, as it relates to winter feed costs, calving issues and having to tolerate the cold weather. Having seen many winters, one addition we made to our calving equipment was a warm box used to get chilled calves’ body temperature back to normal, and usually after an hour or so in the box they emerge ready to take on the world. During last year’s blizzard, we were also able to keep some, but not all, of the tails and ears on the newborns. With that said, it has been one of our better investments, and saving one calf will more than pay for the cost.

Spring calving in the middle of winter is underway at our place this month. We normally calve several first calf heifers this time of year, and without a doubt, if they calve during the daylight hours, we are better prepared to care for them.

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