When a City Girl Goes Country

By Annette Bridges

I’m a hat girl. For years and years, I never wore hats. I quite simply never even thought about wearing them. I do not recall being around other boys or girls who wore hats either, but that fact changed when I met my country-boy hubby in the summer of 1980.

I was in line for a ride at Six Flags Over Texas when this sexy young man wearing a cowboy hat started up a conversation with me. I became hooked on hats and my husband from that moment on.

My darling man mostly wears cowboy hats and trucker caps. It has to be a really cold winter day for him to settle for a stocking hat. And me? I like variety so I own a lot of different styles and colors appropriate for every season and occasion.

Some women think of hats as an elusive accessory that may or may not fit their face, attitude or personal style. Some women believe wearing them requires confidence.

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