Confessions of a Hunter

By Andy Anderson

The following is the first piece contributed by writer Andy Anderson in Volume 4, Issue 2 of NTFR Magazine. We hope you enjoy a bit of nostalgia from NTFR’s past.

The internet and social media are loaded with hunting outfitters and guides with a variety of hunting opportunities. With enough time and effort anyone can find what they are looking for, or so it seems.

Facebook is littered with hunting groups specializing in certain interest such as exotics, whitetail, hogs and groups for the everyday hunter. Each group is overloaded with willing outfitters advertising hunt specials across the state. For every person looking for a hunt there are 20 outfitters pouncing on the post with pricing and pictures.

Interestingly enough is the criticism that comes from hunters about the price for a hunt. I see people looking for a “meat hunt” and when the solicitation comes across the feed, the price bashing begins. No matter the price, it’s too much for a meat hunt. Ask any hunter what they hunt for, and most ethical hunters say it’s for the experience, for the meat and for the opportunity to share their experience with their kids. A trophy is a bonus or the result of years of hard work and preparation.

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