Morath Orchard Corn Maze: Agritourism Rooted in Fall Family Fun

The summer heat has rolled out, and autumn foliage has rolled in. October has finally arrived, but it wouldn’t be fall without pumpkin painting, sunflowers, yard games and the twists and turns of a corn maze. Morath Orchards in Charlie, Texas, provides it all with an enticing six-and-a-half-acre corn maze alongside a six-acre pumpkin patch for guests to enjoy as they make the most out of their fall.

It is just the most recent addition to the farm that was established by Jimmy and Becky four decades ago. The family-owned and operated farm grows more than 50 varieties of vegetables and melons on 90 acres, with the next generation now putting their own spin on farming as the orchard continues to thrive. This includes the youngest of the five children, Will, who began the corn maze to further agritourism efforts in 2020.

Morath Orchard

Jimmy and Becky moved to the small peach orchard in Charlie, Texas, in 1981. It contained a little wooden fruit stand up on the road with apple, cherry and peach trees. The land was rich with sandy loam soil and plentiful with water.
At the time, Jimmy was an electrician, but his boss gave him summers off to work his fields until he made the switch to full-time farmer. Over the years, the Moraths added to the peach crops with more vegetables and fruits as they slowly made the transition into a produce farm. A blackberry patch was even added several years ago.

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