Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch…

By Rayford Pullen

There are 75 days until our first average freeze date here in North Texas, which normally occurs around November 15. Although grass growth is little or nothing after nighttime temperatures begin hovering around the 45-degree mark, our forage quality is still good for a few weeks after the first freeze of the year.

Around our place, we plan on supplementing protein around December 15 and continue until mid-March, or approximately 100 days. We are still looking at our options for this winter regarding feed source; i.e., cubes, liquid, etc. We know anything we can do to lower our overhead is vitality important to our bottom line.

Forage growth has been phenomenal across most of Texas this year so our stockpiled native grasses will be our main hay source this year, which also helps with the bottom line. The winter pasture we will be planting, Nelson ryegrass, will be stockpiled until mid-January and February for our first calf heifers and developing virgin heifers.

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