Land Rich and Cash Poor

By Martha Crump |

“A person doesn’t know how much he has to be thankful for, until he has to pay taxes on it.” – Anonymous

Venture into any small town coffee shop or Dairy Queen in the early morning, and I will wager you will see a familiar sight; a table or two occupied by locals in the agricultural industry. They are the farmers, ranchers and members of the “sweat equity” demographic that gather to sort out their day, the current state of the county, and world affairs at large. Much can be learned from these “tables of knowledge,” and occasionally my husband will stop in, pull up a chair to gain some insight. The conversations may involve something as wonderful as hearing the oldest man at the table recollect that he has never seen such rain this far along into the summer, or it might be the shared misery of drought, no grass and dry tanks. It also is a sure bet that it will almost always touch on the rising/falling cattle market, fuel costs, feed cost, and crop and land prices.

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