The World of Rodeo Photography

By Phillip Kitts

Have you ever browsed through social media and come across cool rodeo pictures? Has this ever sparked curiosity?
Opening with a disclaimer that not all rodeo media operates the same and some photographers have other goals than media photos. In this case, this description comes from a Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association photographer who has a dual focus of providing media sources with usable images as well as generating revenue based on commercial and retail sales.

A good place to start is with the preparation and the equipment. The average rodeo photographer requires more than one camera, and in this case three cameras is the standard. On average a rodeo photographer breaks or damages two to three camera bodies a year. This is just the nature of dodging several 1,000-pound animals in an arena surrounded by steel panels. If that was not enough, then you add numerous lenses of different quality and design. The other factor is often working a rodeo can require different setups for different images.

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