“Product of the USA”: Are Our Beef Labeling Practices In Need of an Overhaul?

By Martha Crump | marthacrump@comcell.net

As a “label reading” shopper, I often look for where my potential food purchases are sourced. To be honest, there are some countries of origin that do not meet my personal preferences, and therefore do not come into my house. That being said, let’s take a look at the consumer of today, tie in recent world events and the impact on food consumption to see just where we stand as beef producers.

Now I am not a market analyst by any means, so taking a look at how beef gets to the store, packaged and labeled did require a bit of legwork to understand the “how’s, where’s and why’s” of the system. I am in the business of getting beef harvested and into this supply chain, so I decided to invest in a little deeper look to help me understand what is currently being discussed regarding the possible labeling issues. Also driving this desire to have a better understanding of our industry marketing practices was a conversation I had recently with a gentleman that stopped by the Wichita Falls Area CattleWomen booth to ask some questions.

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