Beef By-products, Part 6

In the last few issues of North Texas Farm and Ranch, we dove deep into beef by-products, or the products produced by beef animals aside from the meat that nourishes our bodies.

For part six, we take a look at the skin of each of those beef animals and the products created from it.
There are the leather products, of course. Did you know from just one beef hide you could get 20 footballs? One cowhide also can make 12 basketballs, 144 baseballs, 18 volleyballs, 18 soccer balls, or 12 baseball gloves.

Leather is used for luggage, boots, shoes, furniture, gloves, belts, purses and wallets. While leather is a perfect example of a beef by-product created from the skin, the skin also can be used as an ingredient in other products.

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