The Garden Guy

By Norman Winter | Horticulturist, Author, Speaker

Rainbow Rhythm Daylilies Transform Problem Area into Secret Garden

As strange as it sounds, my secret garden is a daylily garden. This doesn’t mean I am a closet daylily enthusiast. It is quite the opposite. It started a couple of years ago when Mrs. Jan said the side of our house was an embarrassment, and we needed plants. To be honest it was rather a sort of Garden Guy Gulley.

Let me explain my situation, in the backyard there is a series of French drains to move water out, and by out, I mean it flows down the side yard, the area of Mrs. Jan’s discontent. Side yards by their nature are often problem areas, so what do we do?

The main considerations are, is it seen from the street side, or your neighbor’s, and the most important criteria of all, is it a thoroughfare where you, friends and family get from point A to point B, like front yard to the backyard. Mine was none of the above, and to make this lost weed patch with drainage issues worse, it is also the location for the air conditioner unit.

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