Porterfield Performance Horses

“It all boils down to if you put your mind and heart and soul behind something and work hard for it, you can accomplish it.” – Kody Porterfield

Kody Porterfield wasn’t born into a cutting horse family, or even an agricultural one, but he did grow up understanding the importance of hard work. When he found a love of all things equine as a youngster, his parents supported that dream as his passion carried him to a successful career as a cutting horse trainer.

Raised in Wellman, Texas, in an oilfield family, Porterfield found his love for horses while spending time with his childhood best friend, Dawson Burns. His friend’s grandfather was renowned trainer Buster Welch, who helped teach his grandson and his friend the ins and outs of the industry.

“I spent pretty much the majority of my childhood out at the ranch, and that’s what really grew my love for cutting, or horses and the ranching side of things first. I had a few relatives who farmed and ranched but was only around it a little bit. My parents were always so great about putting me in good situations of being around people that could help me,” Porterfield recalled. “Dawson really taught me the basics, the history behind the cutting horse and just the horsemanship. I would say that’s where my love for the cutting horse came into play.”

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