Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch…

By Rayford Pullen |

It’s a wonderful time to be in the cattle business with the abundance of grass we have grown this year. If you’re not trying to bale hay, combine wheat or farm, what more can we ask for? I’ve seen it stated 75 percent of our forage growth occurs by July 15 each year and with stock tanks (ponds or pools if you’re east of Interstate 35) full, this year is shaping up to be a great year for weaning weights, breed back and healthy cattle. If your grass has been short all year, you can consider yourself over stocked or in one of the areas that have missed the rains.

Internal parasites need moisture to multiply on our grasses and as such, they must be thriving. We finally got all our cows and calves worked the first of June which included Lepto-Vibrio for the mature cows, blackleg and the IBR complex for the calves, and deworming everything with safeguard.

A lot of folks don’t deworm calves, but in my opinion, that is a costly mistake and omitting blackleg is always a huge mistake. If you missed deworming your cows and/or calves this year, you can simply put deworming blocks out free choice and accomplish the same thing.

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