Grazing North Texas: American Basketflower

By Tony Dean |

American basketflower is an annual wildflower native to a large portion of North America. Although Texas is a diverse state, basketflower can be found in all 10 vegetative areas, including the western drier regions. American basketflower will grow in a wide variety of soil types, likes full sun and is often found in large dense colonies covering several acres.

From a grazing standpoint, livestock and wildlife use it very little. It could be called a “decom” plant, which stands for “don’t ever count on me.” American basketflower is interesting for reasons other than grazing, and ranchers need to know the place it holds in their pastures.

The first thing you notice about basketflower is it produces an absolutely beautiful flower. Basketflower plants can grow up to four feet tall with stout, branching stems.

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