Friends, Family and Food

By Martha Crump |

Coming through spring and heading full steam into summer has been an interesting time for those of us in much of North Texas. May was delightfully cooler and encouraged us all with a most interesting abundance of rain. There is nothing better than heading into the coming heat of June and fully into the summer with cattle grazing on pastures belly deep in grass, tanks full and with a general sigh of relief that maybe, just maybe, the world is catching a collective breath and beginning to move gently forward.

Most folks I have visited with have a sense we are seeing a bit of normalcy again. It is also a sense of renewal and growth, be it the calves with their mommas, the bloom of wildflowers, the bounty of gardens, or the actual celebration of families getting together. My husband and I both grew up in rural settings, so celebrating Mother’s Day and Father’s Day always came with get togethers of friends, family and of course, good home style cooking. The backstory for me personally was there were not a lot of places where we could go out for “fine dining” without what amounted to a 160-mile round trip.

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