Eyes on the Future

By Phillip Kitts

In a recent conversation with some folks outside of the rodeo industry the talks lead to a rather heated debate over how much the political climate in America can influence western sports.

Specifically, how much all of the new policies put into effect by the new administration may have an impression on the sport of rodeo. The fact is, the impact could be rather significant in more ways than one.

There are more concerning issues than the obvious topics revolving around how rodeo animals are treated these days. Simply put, with the change to a new leader and the massive push to change the energy dependence within the nation, the cost of fuel has already risen in much of the United States. The first place this is going to impact is the droves of athletes who travel to and from rodeos via car or truck. The rough stock athletes have the blessing of being able to travel in small teams and resort to down grading into small more fuel-efficient cars. Even with this adjustment, they are going to feel the strain to a certain level just because of the cost per gallon. Most of them will be lucky enough to limit the impact with just a few small changes to how they operate. Even the ones who choose to fly to events will feel the anguish of the situation. One way or another, the climbing fuel prices will have an effect on airline ticket prices.

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