How Beef Checkoff Dollars Benefit The Cattle Industry

By Martha Crump |

I was recently browsing through one of the many cattle related magazines that can be found in our household when I found a full-page ad for the Beef Checkoff Program. The main line in the ad posed the following question and answer, “What promotes beef to consumers 1 billion times? Your Dollar Does.”

When I commented to my husband I was glad to see this ad, he immediately wandered back in time to the ever memorable 1999 television advertisement using the “Beef. It’s What’s For Dinner.” It featured the recognizable voiceover by Sam Elliot. I’m betting straight that many of you can easily recall that ad campaign as well. My husband went further with his comments, lamenting about not seeing great ads like that very much anymore. It was a great beef promotion, voiced by such a notable actor.

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