Confessions of a Hunter

By Andy Anderson

I’ve been invited to hunts with friends and family for deer, hogs, dove and duck, but never a hunt where I didn’t need to bring anything, not even a firearm. I was recently invited to meet a man new to the area with a very unique way of hunting, and to bring my family to partake in the hunt. Spencer Wise, a falconer from Florida was in Texas hunting.

Death from Aboveducks in the area. Spencer befriended several mutual friends in the area and was hunting ducks with his falcons, a very unique and exciting method of hunting.

My family and I arrived at the ranch to meet Spencer and his falcons as we were joined by a host of other kiddos and friends to partake in the hunt. We were introduced to Ci Ci, a Goshawk falcon and briefed on the strategy of the hunt with her. Spencer was amazing, very kind and patient with the kids, explaining about the birds and the skills necessary to be a falconer. It wasn’t long before the curiosity gave way to the excitement of the hunt and we were off.

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