When a City Girl Goes Country

By Annette Bridges

Ranchers and farmers are the hardest working folks I have ever met. If it is daylight that means there are things to be accomplished outside. Thus summer means long days.

I must admit I have always looked forward to wintertime when darkness comes earlier just because it meant more relaxing time with my honey to watch Hallmark movies and play games. Of course in recent years I have been spending more time by my husband’s side indoors and outdoors. I have come to value and appreciate all the time we spend together including working cattle and hay hauling.

While I certainly appreciate my husband’s work ethic, I do believe there should be more to life than laboring fast and furiously. I have often asked him, “Just because it’s still daylight, does that mean you must or should always toil till dark?” He usually responds in the summer months that it is nice to get some tasks done after the hot Texas sun goes down, and I do understand that.

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