Confessions of a Hunter

By Andy Anderson

Most deer leases have them, it’s to be expected. Cattle. Landowners you lease from often have cattle as that’s the primary source of income. As a hunter leasing the land you just have to work around the cattle being there. Do they scare the wildlife off? Not really, they share the same space all the time, but what they do is make it a challenge for the hunter to erect stands and feeders.

I had a small place some years ago, about 300 acres. It was a great area with lots of wildlife, and cattle. This was my first time to compete with cattle for the right to hunt, after all how hard could it be? I put up a small feeder, it held about 100 pounds of corn and a tree stand that strapped to the tree about 15 foot up with the ladder extending down. It took me all day to get things up, feeder full and ready to go.

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