Confessions of a Hunter: Song Dogs

By Andy Anderson

The ominous bark and howl followed by a pack of yelping and barking; to some a relaxing song of freedom and the wild, to others, total fear. Any person who lives in the country knows the coyote; to the city dwellers a coyote is a predator that eats your pets. To the rancher or farmer, the coyote is a witty thief of livestock; but to the hunter, a worthy adversary to match wit and skill. Coyotes are everywhere and are active all times of day and night.

One morning in mid November, I set out for an early morning deer hunt. I had set up a ground blind near a creek surrounded by wheat fields. It was a cool morning with a heavy dew and little to no wind. The feeder was set out about 70 yards on the tree line with a wheat field on one side and the creek on the other.

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