When a City Girl Goes Country

By Annette Bridges

I was cruising along driving my beloved red tractor while my hubby stacked hay on the trailer when I realized this month held an important occasion. Indeed, this month this year marks my 40th anniversary of hay hauling.

This is truly an amazing accomplishment to me, and it is much more than a celebration of years of hard work and sweat. One of my first dates with my darling cattle rancher began with the invitation, “Would you like to help me haul some hay?” To which the naïve city girl I was back then said, “Sure!”

I was so infatuated with my country boy I would have said yes to most anything he needed me to do. We still giggle together when we reminisce how he didn’t get thrown off the back of the truck as I did my best at driving a cantankerous stick shift for the first time in my life.

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