Run Hard and Have Fun

By Phillip Kitts

In youth sports the atmosphere has changed a lot over the years. At the basic levels nearly all of the competitive team and individual sports have taken a deep focus on winning and conditioning for the next level.

To say rodeo is not the same would be a flat out lie but rodeo is still so much different. Yes, in the various levels and associations that a youngster can join to compete with others, the level of competition continues to grow and evolve. The competitive spirit that goes along with this is good for the youth. The life lessons of winning and losing, friendship and sportsmanship have a lasting value.

The difference in rodeo than other sports is even as an individual sport rodeo still drives home a sense of camaraderie and sportsmanship that is beginning to escape other athletic competitions on the youth level. What other sport do you see competitor helping competitor or rivals traveling with rivals?

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