Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch…

By Rayford Pullen

‘Tis the season to open our hearts and homes for those we love as we inch closer to the beginning of a new year. We have all experienced new firsts this past year but despite all of that which has taken its toll on our lives and livelihood, we will continue to be good stewards of the land and livestock because that is where our hearts are and will continue to be in the years ahead of us despite the enigma. So here’s to turning the page and closing the book on 2020 as we traditionally cast a net towards better times to come.
Back to cattle, their management and care. Winter has arrived for most of us along with shorter day length, colder temperatures and the arrival of new calves.

We have calved out heifers for many years, and with the exception of the extra challenges brought on by wet-cold weather, we have been able to keep our losses to a minimum, but not without planning and to some degree luck.

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