The Garden Guy: Cool Season Euphorbias Offer Color, Texture and a Crescendo of Blooms

By Norman Winter | Horticulturist, Author, Speaker

Euphorbias are starting to amaze in cool season plantings whether they be in containers or as the perfect pansy partner in the landscape. More than likely your first thought is euphorbias for the summer landscape like Diamond Frost but I’m talking Ascot Rainbow that has been the rage since it was declared a Texas Superstar in 2011 and Miner’s Merlot debuting this year.

Botanically speaking, ‘Ascot Rainbow’ is known as “Euphorbia x martinii.” It is native to Australia, where the name “Ascot” is associated with an old, wealthy suburb of Brisbane. In truth, it is known as a spurge, which we most often associate with a host of terrible weeds. Purge the spurge, right? Not so with ‘Ascot Rainbow,’ and Miner’s Merlot.

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