Beef: It’s Still What’s for Dinner!

By Martha Crump |

Beef as part of a healthy diet seems to be quite a controversial topic in certain crowds these days, as does the cattle industry in general. If you are a subscriber of magazines such as Prevention, or Texas Monthly, to name a few, you may have recently found yourself reading about the authors’ misconceptions pertaining to the hazards of including beef in a sensible diet plan. If it’s not a journal article touting “other” sources of protein, it is the latest celebrity advocating a trendy new fad diet that suggests beef is really a less desirable option than vegetable proteins, in their expert opinions.

Every single person in the cattle industry must not only be aware of this issue, but it would be in all of our best interests to stay abreast of the research available to us. Based on assessments of consumer buying trends through 2019, we know that people are spending their money for higher-quality, more consistent beef products.

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