This is what your feed tag is telling you

(Staff Photos by Rob Mattson/Noble Research Institute) A label for medicated beef mineral feed is photographed at the Noble Research Institute's Red River Farm Headquarters, in Burneyville, Okla., Monday afternoon, August 19, 2019.

By Robert Wells, Ph.D., livestock consultant /

When purchasing feed, it is essential to take time to read the feed tag that, by law, is attached to every bag of feed or mineral sold. This will help you determine if the feed is legal and safe for the animal species you will feed it to and that it will satisfy the animal’s nutritional needs.

The following sections will typically be on most feed tags:
Product Name: The feed name and brand will be listed at the top. If it is medicated, the word “medicated” must be at the end of the name.

Purpose/Product Statement: This statement indicates the species of animal and stage of production the feed can be used for (for example, mineral for beef mature cows on pasture).

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