Confessions of a Hunter

By Andy Anderson

We have all seen them, heard stories about them and may have had some for table fare at one time or another; the American Bison, also known as buffalo or Tatanka by the Lakota. Tatanka means big beast, and man; let me tell ya, that’s exactly what buffalo are.

As a young cowboy working up in the Pacific Northwest, I found myself working at a cattle auction. One day the boss man tells me to help unload a truckload of bison, they were on a long haul to another ranch and needed to stop for water. I was told to clear the bull pens and put them all in there.

The bull pens were constructed of large metal pipe and used guard rail, stout is an understatement when trying to describe how these pens were built, but if the guardrail we see on highways helps stop all forms of cars and trucks from leaving the highway, you would think it could stop a buffalo.

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