Parting Shot: Having a Ball

September 30, 2020 0

By Jelly Cocanougher Finding a treat on the ground and she’s thinking it’s the best thing since sliced bread. It is a crispy hot day with golden opportunities. Life’s greatest treasures are some of the […]

Barrel Racer Brittany

September 27, 2020 0

By Krista Lucas Brittany Mayfield has been setting the amateur rodeo world on fire lately, battling for the number one spot in the United Professional Rodeo Association barrel racing standings. Heading into August, Mayfield sat […]

Ag Elsewhere: Montana

September 23, 2020 0

By Lindsey Monk Another Big Sky sunset! It’s been really dry up here and the hoppers are eating everything, but life goes on.

Ag Elsewhere: Colorado

September 21, 2020 0

By Lindsey Lambert Cattle, corn, wheat, hay and dairy are the prominent commodities of Colorado agriculture, but the Centennial State also has other diverse products such as bison, ostriches and emu, sunflowers, grapes, mushrooms and […]

Grazing North Texas: Vine Mesquite

September 17, 2020 0

By Tony Dean Vine mesquite is a special plant at our place. It is my wife, Cindy’s, favorite grass. Her reasons why: “I like the bright green color of the leaves.” “The leaves and stems […]

Confessions of a Hunter

September 15, 2020 0

By Andy Anderson When I was growing up, we rode bikes down the streets without helmets and elbow pads; heck, sometimes we didn’t even have shoes on. We built ramps out of scrap plywood and […]

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