On the Road with Dave Alexander

Texas Music Legend Gary P. Nunn has come up with a pretty good idea for the way things are going these days. And why not? Leave it to some peace loving Texas songwriters and musicians to gather a pure and simple perspective on things and perhaps hurry up the return of the “Old Normal.”

It’s called the “Texas Maskuerade Ball,” yes, that’s mask with a “K.” It’s time to dawn your masks and join the Texas revolution in getting things back to the way it was before COVID-19.

You can support the cause by purchasing a one of a kind Geclee’ my longtime friend and Texas Artist, Jack Terry has created, or you can simply just put on a Mask and get back to getting back to normal. Check out this historic painting and see how many Texas Heroes you know and love.
Go to texasmaskparty.org and check out this amazing idea.

Love Thy Neighbor, wear a mask.
Happy Trails.