The Greatest Show on Earth Stands up for Their Vision and America Amid the Battles of Coronavirus

By Phillip Kitts

Where is the rodeo road headed? According to the Professional Bull Riders, the same place it has always been headed.

As states begin to open their doors again and look toward moving forward with life, the rodeo world is doing the same. Let us face the fact the world has been consumed with the COcoVID-19 situation and all the drama that has come with it.

To say rodeo has not seen its effects would be a rather large false statement. However, it is quickly becoming apparent that much like the history of the cowboy the modern-day rodeo world will not lie down and quit. Many who have seen it would start with the PBR. As soon as the PBR recognized they were running into restrictions on how they could compete, they went to work. Immediately, they analyzed how they could get back to work.

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