Babe the Wonder Dog: You Always Wondered What He Would Do Next

Part 2-The Year of the Rat

The Chinese have 12 characters in their zodiac, just as Americans do, but the symbols are not the same. The symbols are rotated every 12 years and there is the Year of the Tiger, Year of the Snake, Year of the Horse, and so on. One of the Chinese symbols is the rat, representing wisdom, wit, imagination, and curiosity. The year of 1982 was not a Chinese Year of the Rat, but it was the year of the rat for the Babe.

Rats and mice were rampant that year. Everywhere you looked, there was a rat nest or mouse nest. It was late May and wheat harvest was going strong. Down at the Langford Ranch, we were storing wheat in two big metal barns. There’s not much a rodent likes better than fresh wheat.
Babe was always hanging around the barns with us, and he began to play a game with the mice and rats that were attracted to the grain.

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