The Garden Guy: Unplugged So Blue Salvia

By Norman Winter | Horticulturist, Author, Speaker

One of The Garden Guy’s favorite new plants making its debut in 2020 has a name so unusual I had to look up the definition and give it a little thought. It is called Unplugged. Did you know we have a National Day of Unplugging?

You can probably guess what that might mean. Getting away from digital for a day, go natural, nourishing your mind and spirit. Certainly, when you are out and among flowers, butterflies and nature you have a transformation. That is why we garden.

As the owner of a North Texas farm or ranch you probably already feel quite at home with nature and that is great, but I assure you that sitting on the porch, patio or deck and seeing spikes of blue flowers teeming with bees, butterflies and hummingbirds will put a special spring in your step.

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