Confessions of a Hunter: Hunting the Hunter

By Andy Anderson

A few years ago, I met a man from Utah, Steve. Steve is very nice, professional and passionate about the outdoors. He hunts the west side of the United States mostly in Utah, Nevada and Arizona chasing everything from mule deer and elk to prong horn and mountain lion.

I have always wanted to go on a lion hunt. It’s just something about how beautiful, dangerous and elusive they are that captured my interest in hunting one. For me, when I am walking around Texas Trophy Hunters or Dallas Safari Club and I see a lion mount, I just stop and stare. They are truly captivating.

Fast-forward to February 2020. I had the chance to embark on the hunt of a lifetime with Steve, a mountain lion hunt. I arrived in St. George, Utah, and was shown around. Steve first took me to Zion National Park, a place that just left me in awe with the spectacular views with rock formations that looked as if God himself poured them out from a bowl, layers upon layers of rolling rock and towering ponderosa pine trees with scattered cedar trees. The colors varied from light pastels to vibrant dark earth red clay and white sand. The park was unbelievable.

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