Behind the Chutes: Thoughts from a Rodeo Wife

By Lacey Corbett

A cowboy walks into a café in Cody, Wyo., orders up a coffee and sets his sights on a young waitress working there.

In typical cowboy fashion, he gives her a few months of hard time, hooks up his trailer and heads out on the rodeo trail for a while. Before he leaves, he makes sure to catch that young lady’s phone number, just so she doesn’t have to go without him heckling her.

“At first I thought he was kind of a jerk, but now I can tell it’s him coming by just the sound of his spurs,” now says that same waitress with a laugh.

No, this isn’t the start to some western romance novel; it’s the beginning of the story of Matt and Jazmine Scott, a professional pickup man and his bride.

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