The Road to Professional Rodeo

By Phillip Kitts

The exposure of rodeo to the youth has been covered a lot over many platforms during the last few years. With the emergence of youth bull riding organizations and long lists of up and coming youth associations, it has become very apparent rodeo has a bright future. This future has the same progression as any other sport, but the path may be a little unique.

If you follow rodeo much, you probably hear a good amount about the growing junior high and high school associations that cover most all of America. These two organization are just another feeder system that guides the youth of rodeo toward their future.

A true rodeo fan knows in between high school and the pros there is a whole other level that just may have a huge influence on rodeo on all levels. The National Intercollegiate Rodeo Association might just be one of those sleeper associations that has a massive influence on the rodeo world but just does not get the fair attention it deserves.

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