Confessions of a Hunter: Don’t Leave Your Keys in Your Truck

By Andy Anderson

At 13 years of age, I had been driving the ranch truck doing chores and using the tractor to mow. It was a normal and routine task to drive equipment to get chores done, and as such my skills in driving a truck were better than most.

At 15, I obtained my learner’s permit and was driving the black top roads of Texas with absolute confidence, I was looking forward to the day I turned 16 and the independence and freedom that came with it. I knew I wanted a truck; I was not about to buy a car. I couldn’t be seen driving a car, I was a cowboy and cowboys drove trucks. I quickly learned from my parents that if I wanted a truck, or any vehicle for that matter, I had to earn it on my own and I was responsible for the gas, insurance and maintenance.

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