Suncredible Yellow: Ever-Blooming Bush Sunflower for North Texas

By Norman Winter, Horticulturist, Author, Speaker

Everblooming and bush habit are not two adjectives or descriptors you would ever expect to give a sunflower, but that has all changed. It’s called Suncredible Yellow, and botanically speaking it is a Helianthus hybrid and perfect for North Texas.

I planted it about three months ago right close to a clump of Rockin salvias. Amazingly, it has been blooming all summer and continues to do so, giving no indication its life as an annual will be coming to an end.

This will be a totally new plant product for the gardener, reaching 42-inches tall and around 36-inches wide. The flowers are four inches wide and produced in abundance, bringing in bees and butterflies. Those of you with roaming deer populations will rejoice that this plant is typically not on the menu.

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