Parting Shot: It’s a hot tamale!

Let’s take a step back and view a moment in time. I blink with furrowed brows, mouth open with dry lips….Wishing I could find my yeti cup I put down somewhere in this tack barn. It should stand out because it’s orange and everything out here is brown. I turned around and spot a tiny gato wanting some attention. You know it’s going to be a good barn kitty when they want to be petted that young of age. Horse I’m by is swatting nasty flies. They always know how to ruin a good time. My dogs, looking at me with great depth. Like they’re trying to use ESP on me while sitting in the truck. They probably wish they had thumbs so they could text me – that they don’t care about the tiny kitty on the ground, but that they only wanted to roll in the dirt. I’m no dummy. They always avoid bath time when soap is involved. If it was up to them, a fish grown pond would suffice. He wasn’t paying attention to all of this, but he didn’t want me to get a picture of the trailer in the background. Hindsight is 20/20. (Photo and description by Jelly Cocanougher)