Caring for Kids

By Mandi Dietz

Before moving to Fort Worth from Texarkana, Rod Arnold didn’t foresee his future, becoming a special education teacher several years ago, and more recently, experiencing farm life.

Between manning a school garden, selling farm-fresh eggs and spending time with kids, Arnold helps work WTX Boer Goats with partner John Duvall and a farm belonging to Duvall and family, previously of Poolville.

Duvall grew up in the country with animals, then spent time living in the city, but returned to his roots. Their ever-growing farm off bustling Interstate 20 and historic Bankhead Drive naturally echoes that of his childhood, housing two llamas; a peacock and peahen; Bourbon Red turkeys; seven dogs; and chickens; but primarily goats, specifically registered Dappled, Paint and Traditional Boers, a breed advanced in South Africa for meat production.

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