Yellowstone Television Series: Are You Watching?

Yellowstone, starring Kevin Costner, burst onto the scene in 2018. (Photo courtesy Paramount Network)

By Pepper Stewart

If you have been hiding under a rock this is news to you, but if not then you’re watching. Yellowstone burst onto the scene back in 2018 with mixed reviews at first, with some adult content and some rough language. If you are expecting a Heartland type show you’re on the wrong channel.

There were a few inaccuracies that eventually worked themselves out over the course of filming. Most viewers missed them but those in the day to day western lifestyle picked up on it pretty quick. I turned the show off after the first 10 minutes when the ‘wild stallion’ was backed out of the trailer with a halter on.

I missed the whole first season, but couldn’t get past the hype. I did what most of us old timers do and ordered the season one DVD and binge watched the whole season in a day.

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