Texas Trivia: How well do you know the Lone Star State?

Whether you are a native or got here as fast as you could, those in the Lone Star State are a proud bunch when it comes to the unique traits of their home state.

The Texas borders are far and wide, offering everything from deep rivers to mountain tops, with a long, rich heritage, giving Texans plenty to brag about. A few fun facts about Texas: The flag has three colors, red represents courage, white represents liberty and blue represents loyalty. The oldest law enforcement agency in the United States is the great Texas Rangers. Texas has more farmland than any other state and there are more than 14 million cattle living within its borders.

These are just a few of the interesting facts about this very diverse state. With such variety, can you truly know everything that makes up the culture of the Lone Star State? Whether you’re new or lived here a while, take the quiz below for bragging rights to Texas knowledge. Give yourself one point for each correct answer and tally the score at the end. Good luck.

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