Stocking Rate – Should I Be That Concerned? Volume 4 – Theodore Roosevelt

By Tony Dean

This month, Tony Dean wraps up a four part series on Stocking Rate – Should I Be That Concerned? Read below to find out more on why it is such an important issue for a rancher.’

After the death of his first wife, Theodore Roosevelt traveled to the western frontier, eventually establishing his own ranch in the Dakota Territory. During the period of 1884 to 1886, he recorded his experiences in the ranching business and in hunting the bountiful game, both of which he thoroughly enjoyed. He was just as fascinated with the cowboys, ranchers and others he met in his life on the range.

Roosevelt was a naturalist at heart and left us with important observations. In his book “Ranch Life and the Hunting Trail,” he wrote, “Overstocking is the great danger threatening the stock raising industry on the plains.” And he added, “Overstocking may cause little or no harm for two or three years, but sooner or later there comes a winter which means ruin to the ranches that have too many cattle on them. It is just a matter of time.”

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